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Santa Baby! - Christmas eBOOK

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Ho, ho, ho! Your very own Santa Baby is coming...

Immerse yourself in a beautiful world like the perfect fairytale. Forget about all your worries for a moment and feel the magic of Christmas. See how I sparkle in sensual outfits that are sure to warm you up and get your pulse racing. Do you prefer me in an innocent angel costume, or maybe as a pretty Miss Santa Claus? In long boots or subtle high heels? Stockings or pantyhose? You can decide for yourself, because you have a lot of beautiful pictures to choose from :) Not only that, I have written some thought-provoking words to accompany the pictures, words that I’m certain will stimulate your senses and spark your imagination... So come on, make a date with me this Christmas - it’ll be the best gift you get this year!

STANDARD - 135 PLN / 30€ / $35

♥ PDF format eBook - 48 pages
♥ Romantic essays (English + French)

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♥ PDF format eBook - 80 pages
♥ High-resolution
♥ Romantic essays (English + French)

"She moves her hands from your face and begins to fondle your chest. Her warm hands feel sublime, and you kiss her deeper while running your hands all over her, enjoying the feel of her body through the sexy Santa costume. You reach the bottom of her dress and gently slide your hand down her garter strap, relishing the feel of the soft ivory coloured skin of her thigh. Reaching the top of her stocking you caress her nylon encased legs, every touch sending a magical tingle through your fingertips and making you want her even more. Just as you feel yourself reaching fever pitch, she gives you one last, long and lingering kiss before saying "no more", before abruptly getting off your lap and walking out of the room."

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